A better future is ours to create.

We have all the solutions we need in order to make this world fair, abundant, sustainable, and nourishing for everyone. But we’re hindered by inefficiencies that are baked into capitalism, the ubiquitous proliferation of private property rights, and the absurd ideals of growth-based economics and consumer culture. In the digital age, these old paradigms are starting to crack and crumble. If we don’t create something to replace them with, the science is clear we’ll be left with is a smoking ruin where our pale blue dot used to be.

Sustainable Agriculture

We promote a transition away from global crop monoculture and toward local community-based food security.

Respect for Nature

We are part of an ecosystem, which we share with a multitude of other species. We respect their right to thrive.



Bringing people of diverse backgrounds together to fulfil shared visions and ambitions undermines isolation and hate.



We’re done with fossil fuels, as everyone should be nowadays. All our projects use renewable energy exclusively.

Kerri Coombs

Meet Kerri Coombs, creator of FireDance—and many other things.

Kerri has worked for decades in creative industries as a musician, festival, record & concert producer, arts educator & film technician. Over the years she launched half a dozen projects and side hustles, each with its own online presence. From creating sprites & music for Ludum Dare games to data analysis for Rogers Corporate Sales, she’s tried a little bit of everything.

In March 2020, Kerri lost her job building solar power stations for Portable Electric. She made few more websites for fun, wrote and recorded an album, & started freelancing to wait out the pandemic job shortage. She fixed a few DIY websites and developed some creative projects with friends. When she was finally invited back to work months later, she was too busy to go.

She launched FireDance Media in January 2021.

Check out our projects.

We specialize in producing creative projects that support humanity’s transition to a sustainable economy and an inclusive society. We’re not too fussy about the format.