Growing up in suburban Calgary I was friends with neighbourhood girls whose parents were from Trinidad, India and China. When I got older I got engaged to a guy whose parents were from Guatemala and became life-long friends with a girl from Iran. I have never thought of my friends as anything other than Canadians […]

As much as I furrow my brow about the fact that a passionate admirer of Reagan and Thatcher – a man who has called the US neo-cons a “light and an inspiration” – is the Prime Minister of Canada, I can’t help but be impressed by Stephen Harper’s management of the media.¬† Apart from a […]

I am not an American, but like many Canadians, I do enjoy watching American politics. It’s like watching Dukes of Hazzard, but with higher stakes. Here’s the latest thing to catch my eye: Recently, in what appears to be an attempt to rally the evangelical lobby, Republican senators David Vitter and Larry Craig co-sponsored a […]

I’ve actually never seen the beginning of a blog before, so I have no idea how it’s done. I’m just going to dive right in as if I’ve been doing it for years. Here we go! This month’s dissident is Percy Schmeiser, a Saskatchewan farmer who has been battling Monsanto for a decade in the […]