Peter Schweizer, in a National Post editorial, argues that conservative idealogues are destined to win the culture war because they make babies faster than liberals.

His argument is based on a tediously simplistic view of humanity where people can be neatly divided into two categories – “conservatives” and “liberals” – and an unspoken, obviously fallacious assumption the centre of the political spectrum is static. The statistics he uses to support his position come from “a 2004 US survey”. If these few factors don’t sound your propaganda gong, I don’t know what would.

I call bullshit.

I looked the man up. Sure enough, Schweizer is a research fellow at the libertarian “think tank” (a PR industry euphemism for “intellectual-sounding propaganda disseminator”) the Hoover Institution.

In his view, women who have been too busy contemplating social justice and overpopulation to get ourselves knocked up are just too selfish to do our civic duty and make babies like decent women should. Well I say you can go ahead and fuck right off, Peter. Why have babies of my own to advance my political agenda when I can win yours over with reason?

Surely liberals – a group that traditionally includes most of society’s activists, artists, musicians, homosexuals, philosophers, adventurers and visionaries – have ALWAYS procreated at a lesser rate than undereducated rednecks. And yet with every generation the centre of the political spectrum shifts mysteriously to the left. Slavery is gone! Women vote! Racial discrimination has gone out of style! Gay couples walk the streets unashamed! Boy I’ll bet that sure sucks for you, Peter. All that hard work getting your wife to churn out extra people to advance your personal political views and all we “liberals” need to do is write a few catchy folk songs and, sooner or later, the whole world sings along.

Why is an ostensibly “Canadian” paper disseminating American propaganda anyway? The least you can do is let us have us our own damn propaganda. Call up the Fraser Institute or something. Jeez.

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  1. You need only look at the broad spectrum within the British conservatives to see that it isn’t so easy to pigeon-hole: there are those conservatives who are so far to the right they keep threatening to join the UK Independence Party, through to the pro-Europe faction and as far to the left as New Labour.

    And you’re right: reason illuminates even the gloomiest places.

  2. Good for you on calling bullshit! Even if conservatives do make babies faster, they are growing up in an increasingly progressive society—-and thus they are effected by the ideas of the progressives, whether they realize it or not.

    Ideas and causes are very much like children, I think, in that one can spend one’s whole life nurturing them and one hopes to live on through them. Progressives don’t need to procreate to have “children” in this sense.

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